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Coming Soon - Gaspar da Salo Model Electric Bass

One day when shopping for a new bass guitar, the idea came to me that I probably have all the tools I need in my shop to build one.  Three years later I finished my first Gaspar da Salo model bass guitar.  One year later and in about half the hours I finished the second.
The inspiration for the design came from guitars I dreamed of owning as a kid, one being a Hofner, made famous by Paul McCartney.
Combining that with the finest construction methods, materials, and electronics, and incorporating design elements from upright basses, Here is the result.
The shape of the body comes from the profile of a famous Gaspar da Salo upright from 1550.
The scale is 34”, it is passive, and the quad coil Delano pickups deliver super clean, super clear tone and punch.
I have the materials and hardware, I just need the time, but hopefully Spring 2018, I will have more ready to go.

Click image for larger view
An electric bass is born --- bolt-on neck

A new electric bass is born - through neck

Twins !!

Electric bass with bolt-on neck being played at Symphony Hall

The beginnings of another new electric bass for Spring 2018

I can also order custom fitted Mooradian covers for this bass as well as any other of your case needs.