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Mutes for Sale

$45 each
Birch, Tiger Maple, Walnut, Madagascar Ebony, Sapele, Macacauba, Mahogany.
The idea for these two-prong wood mutes came to me when I was debating with my colleagues the age old question:  Do you use a rubber mute or a wood mute when playing an orchestral solo like Mahler 1 or Lt. Kije?
The arguments have always been that a wood mute, while having that great projecting nasal tone, cuts out too much volume.  On the other hand, a rubber mute doesn't cut out as much volume, but the dull tone just doesn't project. 
These wood mutes, which I make out of a variety of fancy hard woods, give you the best of both worlds.  The nasal tone of a wood mute, and more volume than a traditional three-prong wood mute. 
Better projection, more volume, sounds good to me.
All orders/inquiries can be made by e-mail or text (508-259-2940).
Payment is accepted from personal check or invoice payable through PayPal.