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Basses for Sale - Whitehead

Click image for larger view
Whitehead Bass - top
Whitehead Bass - back & rib
Whitehead Bass - scroll
Back & Rib
Whitehead Bass - Sticker
Authentication Sticker
  • This instrument was made in 1984 by Nevill Whitehead in New Zealand.
  • It is beautifully crafted and is in perfect condition.
  • The neck was recently re-set with a greater angle and higher overstand giving it a beautiful singing tone and making it super easy to get around.
  • There is also a new fingerboard, bridge, and low C extension.
  • The string length is 41 3/4”, ready for your playing enjoyment.
The instrument measures as follows:
  • String length: 41 3/4
  • Upper bout:  21 3/8"
  • Body length:  44 3/4"
  • Lower bout: 26 5/8"
  • Overall length:  73"
I can also order custom fitted Mooradian covers for this bass as well as any other of your case needs.
      All basses are located in Natick Massachusetts, and since I don’t ship them, Natick is a lovely place to visit.